Although all parts of Makarska riviera are unique in its natural beauty still we have chosen 3 greatest hikes for adventure lovers. Head upward for incredible views on exciting hikes to Biokovo Skywalk, Kotišina and ancient Berulia.

This 3 days hiking adventure takes us to:

1. Biokovo Skywalk

2. Kotišina, Forgotten rustic footpaths

3. Berulia, Bride’s Rock

Itinerary :
1. Biokovo skywalk
Today we visit one of the Biokovo Nature park’s most recognizable destinations: Skywalk. A tour consists of hiking, exploring the Skywalk- the new tourist attraction, enjoying mountain tea and homemade delicacies in the meadow.
A leisurely walking tour is suitable for all ages with a guide who is well versed in the mountains and the local area. Explore this natural phenomenon, rich pool of Mediterranean herbs and vegetation, and witness one of the best views of the horizon in Dalmatia.
Trip highlights: Biokovo Skywalk
Lenght 8,8 km - Ascent 449 m - Descent 392m - Hiking 4 h
Start 1213 m –1325 and Vošac 1422 m – Finish 1294 m
Duration of the trip 7 hours, Level medium

2. Kotišina, Forgotten rustic footpaths
After a short drive from Makarska to Upper Tučepi, we start walking the footpaths under Biokovo. The central church of St. Anthony of Padova and St. Catherine in Upper Tučepi are yet another testimony of Roman - Catholic influences in this area. Ascending, we follow the footpaths of our forefathers. The vegetation around us changes from karst to deep forests of indigenous black pine. Many viewpoints provide wonderful views of different parts of Makarska Riviera and islands. The descent towards the old village Kotišina is an exceptional experience. In Kotišina we we visit the its restored Great Castle (Kaštel) 17 century fort.
Trip highlights: visit of the Great Kotišina Castle
Lenght 8,1 km - Ascent 700 m - Descent 740 m - Hiking 5 h
Start 260 m - Peak altitude 788 m - Finish 220 m
Duration of the trip 7 hours, Level medium

3. Berulia, Bride’s Rock
Following the well-trodden mountain paths, we walk north from Makarska, starting at the village Upper Brela. The first part of the tour is a narrow path ascending towards the viewpoint, where we find a church of St.Nicholas. Completely cut off from civilization, we continue towards the abandoned old villages Falcon’s Stables and Bride’s Rock. From here, you can enjoy a beautiful view of one part of Makarska Riviera and nearby islands. Also, here we can often find chamois, which live on Biokovo mountain.
We descend down a narrow path towards Brela.
Lenght 8,8 km - Ascent 460 m - Descent 550 m - Hiking 4 h
Start 260 m - Peak altitude 570 m, Bride’s Rock 510 m – Finish 170m
Duration of the trip 6 hours, Level medium
Departures and availability :
Want to make a booking or ask about our hiking tours? Get in touch with our experienced team and we’ll get back to you soon.
Additional information:

Price: 900,00 kn or 150,00 euro per adult, children from 5-12 y -50%, children under 5 years are not allowed.

What's included: transfers, guide and entrance tickets to Biokovo and museum.

Notes for the guest:
Attention: This tour require good physical condition, good health and experience. Required equipment: hiking shoes and clothes (suitable for different weather conditions), water, hat, backpack, hiking poles, sunglasses, sunscreen, etc. Tours can be changed depending on the weather conditions, or needs and wishes of the group. All hiking tours can lead to injury. Hikers go at their own risk.
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